Name: Fayren Raye (Fay)

Gender: Male

Age: 19

D.O.B: July 30

Height: 5' 7"/ 1.70m

Weight: 105 lbs/ 48kg

Hair: Blue (original color: Blonde)

Eyes: Topaz

Personality: Serious | Straightforward | Apathetic | Short-tempered | Intelligent | Driven

A university student struggling with endless tuition and living expenses in a small town where jobs are scarce, he is forced to find work in a bar as a lap dancer/stripper.

He doesn't care much for his job and is doing it simply because he needs the money.

Name: Tyler Reynolds

Gender: Male

Age: 21

D.O.B: Aug 24

Height: 6'1"/ 1.85m

Weight: 162 lbs/ 73kg

Hair: Ginger

Eyes: Green

Personality: Arrogant | Stubborn | Charismatic | Nonchalant | Impulsive | Aggressive

A high school dropout who's pretty much bored of life and everything else around him- that is until a certain blue-haired stripper catches his eye.

The dude is hot, sure, but it's just physical attraction right?? Who the hell has blue hair anyway?

He works as a bartender at the bar and lives alone in a one room apartment.

Other chars to be added later?? But these two are the main ones CAUSE THE STORY's about them after all HAhahhaa lies down slowly

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